Travel Schedules for Jakarta Lampung – Shuttle

Latest List of Price Programs and Travel Schedules for Jakarta Lampung

Travel Schedules for Jakarta Lampung – Shuttle

Are You looking for travel travel to travel from Jakarta to Lampung or vice versa? And here is the right place to go because the Latest List of Department Prices and Schedule of Jakarta Lampung Travel – Shuttle provides the best service and that certainly makes it more comfortable and also without draining the contents of the wallet. Because our Travel will provide the best facilities including the best car in its class.

Latest List of Price Programs and Travel Schedules for Jakarta Lampung

Zavaloka also serves Carter who is ready to take you to various destination cities. Ready to serve car rental plus drivers for your various travel needs such as city tours, tour packages and so on according to consumer demand of course with the best vehicles from us and also with drivers who are very reliable and experienced. We have also opened the Lampung Linggau travel schedule for travel services with the aim of serving shuttle services and door to door shutle service passengers.

Whatsapp service

Latest List of Price Programs and Travel Schedules for Jakarta Lampung – Shuttle always update the progress of technology so like it or not, like it or not we have to use an Android cellphone as a telephone communication tool in which there is a Whatsapp application. Seeing this Zavaloka gives servants an online cruise via whatspp by filling out the order format that we have provided and sending it to the specified whatsapp number from the travel agency, after that we from the admin will immediately respond to your chat

Order format

  • Departure Date :
  • Night / Morning:
  • Name :
  • No Tel :
  • Total :
  • Destination City :


The price of Zavaloka.Com tickets is very affordable, with only 250,000 available, you can reach your destination comfortably, not only that our travels also provide pick-up facilities where you are. Cheap rates are the same as other travel routes such as Palembang Lampung travel, which are cheap and friendly to the contents of the wallet as well as the cheapest of the cheapest compared to travel agents in Lampung.

Our rates

  • Ticket prices from Jakarta 250,000 / passenger
  • Ticket prices from Lampung 250,000 / passenger


We enforce a regular departure schedule so you don’t need to worry because of the guarantee to leave even if it’s only one passenger. For travel departure schedules for Jakarta Lampung majors are as follows.

From Lampung

  • 9:00 a.m.
  • 9:00 p.m.

From Jakarta

  • 9:00 a.m.
  • 9:00 p.m.

We also open a day-to-day delivery of goods or documents. The package will be carried by travel so that the items will arrive faster, you can send your package to the travel agent in Jakarta Lampung that we serve. Entrust your trip to us, the best and most trusted travel agency and proven.

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